Mold Inspection for a Home Owner

While many people live amongst mold every day with little or no ill health effects, some mold infestations are believed to cause serious health problems. If you have concerns that mold is in your home and may be adversely affecting you or your family's health, our thorough inspection is an ideal way to identify the problem and remedy the source.

A Mold Solutions inspection will identify moisture and mold problems that are covered under your home's warranty. If your home has been built within the last 10 years, Minnesota statute 327A requires builders to guarantee your home against structural defects. Upon the expiration of ten years the costs associated with repairs are the responsibilty of the homeowner.

Mold and water intrusion claims are a growing source of litigation in today's building environment. This litigation has become common with the discovery of the toxic effects and eradication complexities associated with mold. Claims by Minnesota homeowners against builders and material suppliers can generally be divided into two main types of causes of action:

Individuals faced with construction defects in their homes resulting in water intrusion, wet basements, roof leakage, mold or other damage must be aware of strict time limitations that apply to all legal claims construction defects. As described below, the time limitations for claims based on non-warranty allegations are governed by Minnesota Statutes Section 541.051, subd. 1, and claims brought under the statutory warranty are governed by Minnesota Statutes Section 541.051 subd. 4.

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