Mold Facts

FACT: Mold is more common today than it was 50 years ago

FACT: 30-50% of all structures have damp conditions that may encourage development of mold*

FACT: 50% of homes contain problem molds.

FACT: Mold knows no geographic boundaries and can be a problem even in cool, dry climates.

FACT: Mold spores are ever present in the environment and will grow when food & moisture are present.

FACT: Mold can spread and flourish on almost any surface.

FACT: Darkness and poor ventilation encourage mold growth.

FACT: Mold can establish, grow and thrive on virtually any substance.

FACT: Just a little mold can affect health.

FACT: Exposure to mold can result in varying intensities of illness.

FACT: There are three ways to get of mold in your home.

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