Our Mold Inspection Services & Commitment to Our Customers

The Mold Solutions Proprietary Procedure is the commitment to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and accurate home inspections for mold and moisture intrusions. Our comprehensive inspection includes:

Preliminary Consultation

Our project consultant will conduct an initial telephone interview with the prospective customer. The interview will cover:

Mold and Moisture Inspection

Upon arriving at the site, the Mold Solutions' inspector and project consultant will review the goals and purpose of the inspection with the homeowner. Mold Solutions' certified technicians will then thoroughly investigate the interior walls of the structure using non-invasive equipment including infrared camera, fiber optic borescope, and RF moisture meters.

Non-Invasive:Mold Solutions will never unnecessarily puncture wall cavities or cause damage to the home. Using the latest in state of the art technology combined with seasoned building scientist experts, we identify probable suspect areas before confirming with moisture probes.

Providing 100% Assurance: The only way to be 100% certain of mold or moisture intrusion problems is to actually expose them. If the non-invasive equipment indicates a high probability of a problem, our professional inspector will ask permission from the homeowner to follow through with probing techniques, only in the area or areas of concern.

There are two methods of an invasive inspection:

Post Inspection Consultation

Inspection Report and Documentation

Mold Solutions will submit a complete, detailed and professional report to the customer by U.S. Post and electronically. This report will document with pictures and concise inspector explanations every aspect of the inspection.

This valuable report of verifiable mold and moisture problems (or their absence) will:

Post Report Consultation

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